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10 Best Android Apps for 2014

The arrival of smartphones not only replaces old trendy mobile phones but also brings lot of easiness and agility to our lives. Now the mobiles are not simply used for making calls or doing messaging. It has a lot of other applications too. It can now become your finance manager by managing your incomes and expenses, it can be used for watching movies, you can use it for web browsing and also mobiles can secure themselves too. To provide you all these sorts of services there are multiple number of applications available for your smartphones. Based on users experience and feedback we are bringing you top 10 apps for your android devices to make them more useful. Without any delay let’s talk about best apps for your android devices

1) Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager

Thinking about which is the best and most needed app for android users I think it is device Manager as your android device security comes foremost.
Device Manager is the App that tracks your Android device. This App will help the users if they lost or dropped their android device and couldn’t remember. When anyone of you lost your android device the first things that comes into mind is stored data, contacts, credit card information and things like this in it and you want to secure them. So this app will help users to locate their device and in case of lost they can lock data with passcode or can erase. For this users simply have to go & sign in with google account, then ring to locate the device or erase data.
From security point of view this is must use app. to download this app on your android device click here.

2) Cal Google Calendar & Exchange

Cal Google Calendar

Cal. simple, smart, fast and beautifully designed interface is the best calendar app for your android device. With this app you are able to synchronize your calendar from other cloud services and also you can synchronize your Facebook account with this app to get reminders of your friend’s birthdays. It comes with many styles and cool back grounds. You can also get weeks reviews on it and if you swipe it down from the week you get your whole month at a glance. To add reminders you just need to tap add button. Turn your phone to landscape mode to see your month and day instantly. With this calendar you also get a stylish widgets with week events views. So it is quite a cool app.
You will never go back to the other calendars if you start using it once. So to get your CAL app Click here.

3) PixIr Express – photo editing

Pixlr Express

PixIr express is photo editing app that suits to your android device in best. You can have many problems with the photos you have taken from your camera like red eyes, unsuitable background, size problem and many others. In this case this app will help you a lot. You can quickly crop, resize, fix any picture, remove red eyes and whiten teeth with this app. You can also adjust brightness, contrast levels and many others. This app also has auto fix feature with which you can quickly fix your pictures. There are also variety of effects, gilters like soft, winter, unicolor, borders etc. available to choose. After editing you can save your picture to your android pone after defining picture resolution.
This app is very cool editing. To download this app click here.

4) Startup Manager

Startup Manager

Next best app for your android device is Start up manager. Many of us face problems with smartphone speed many times. One of the reasons for this is lagging and slowness of smartphone is that many apps starts or run in background when we boot our device. This problem is more likely to occur in mid-range or low end mobiles. Startup Manager app will help you in this problem. With this app you choose what to start at startup and what not to Apps that you don’t need to run in the back ground or in the startup can be disabled.
It is a very useful app for android users to increase battery life and device performance. To download startup manager App click here.

5) Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy is a new android keyboard that brings new way of typing. It is designed to allow users to type without necessarily looking at the screen. This is very stylish, customized, neat, minimal and elegant keyboard with a lot of gesture controls. It also has auto correct function that is very accurate and responsive and while typing you get very cool animations from the keys. When you swipe right from the middle row of the keyboard it will act as a spacebar and swiping left will act as a backspace or delete. When you tap and hold on keys it will give you an option to choose between the symbols and numbers. If your words are auto corrected in a wrong way make a swipe from the top of the keyboard to bring the options of the word suggestions. Keep swiping until you get the right word. It comes with many features like different languages option, define your dictionary, add your own words, different looks, themes, volume and feedback options.

You can really have fun while typing with this app. To download fleksy keyboard app for your android device click here.

6) Feedly


Instead of searching for news, videos, updates on your favorite topics, get feedly which is the best way to follow your favorite sites, blogs, videos and so on. Feedly gets all contents from your favorite sites and deliver them as a fast mobile optimized experience. It keeps you updated on everything you are interested in like technology, games, politics etc. You can add your news topic by category. There is also a function which enables you to read offline books.

It’s a very cool app for your day to day news on your favorite topic and stay updated on what’s happening. To get your Feedly app click here.

7) Clean Master (Cleaner)

Clean Master

Clean Master is basically an app use to enhance your android device performance. With this app you can clean all your junk files, temporary files, cache, and etc to free your storage and RAM. Boost your android device memory by clearing all the back ground running apps to free your RAM and to get a better performance out of your device. It also has privacy manager with which you can clear your call logs, sms, chat records and other things like this. This app is also used to uninstall apps from your device (moving them to SD card or backing up) to fasten your device. You also got cool widget which is called one tap boost which clears all background running apps and frees up your RAM. You can just trust this app for your device speed specially for mid-range or low end mobiles.
As earlier as you install this app to your device you will realize its usefulness as within seconds of its installment you will find you device going faster. To get this app click here.

8) Expense Manager

Expense Manager

Managing incomes and expenses are very important to almost all of us but not everyone is good in tracking. So in this regard Expense Manager app is your best assistant. It’s a great app for managing your expenses and incomes. With this app you can track your expenses and incomes on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Best feature in this app is that it almost supports all currencies. You can also sink all your transaction records with different cloud storage. It has built in calculator, currency convertor, discount and tax calculator. All these features are very easy to imply. Also you can get alerts or can set reminders for certain payments.
So if you are always confused about your payments, savings or you are not sure where you might have spent the money, then this will surely be a handy assistant to you. To get this app click here.

9) DashClock Widget


This is a widget app you can place it on your home screen as well but actually this app is very good for lock screen that is if you are on android 4.2 and above you can enable it on with your lock screen. It looks cool, very functional as you can view all your notifications from your lock screen and this app uses very less resources. Once you tap on the widget you get additional features like world clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer. You can also enable night mode from settings which displays the time continuously consuming very less power. And if you want the analog clock you can do as well from the settings menu. So a very must have application for any android user running android 4.2 and above. To get this app click here.

10) MX Video Player

Mx Player

Almost all of us love to watch videos on smartphones screens. So suggesting best player to play videos with is definitely the MX VIDEO PLAYER with a lot of cool features. Nowadays almost every android device comes up with the default media player but when it comes to play large HD videos, they kind of fail to go smoothly. But this player streams every video, no matter the file size or video length, with ease. It supports a lot of videos and subtitle formats and you can get tis app for different hardware’s. It even plays full HD videos smoothly on low end devices. You can lock your screen to disable interaction while playing videos. In order to seek videos you need to swipe left or right, for brightness adjustments you need to swipe up and down on left side of device, if you slide up and down on the right side it will enable you to control volume. You can go onto settings to customize your video player like you can do the settings for your player, subtitle, hardware acceleration and many more controls
To enjoy smooth streaming get this app now. click here to get this app.