24SMS – Free International SMS – download on android

If you have tried sending SMS to your friends or family in foreign countries then you already know how expensive it can be. You know that sending international SMS messages can cost a lot on your local mobile network. You don’t want to lose your fortune on simple text messages to your friends and family. If you want to save money then download the amazing 24SMS – Free International SMS app on your Android phone. This awesome app will let you send free text messages to your friends or family living in foreign countries. All you gotta do is download this amazing app and start sending messages to any mobile number in the whole wide world. You don’t have to worry about using your mobile credit any longer because 24SMS – Free International SMS app will make everything completely free for you.

This amazing android app can be used to send free text messages to anyone in the world who owns a phone number. You can even send messages to people who don’t have this app downloaded on their phone. They will receive the message on their phone as a regular text. They can reply to the text via their phone’s browser for completely free. If they have a smartphone then they can also download this awesome app and text you for free. Neither one of you will have to pay a single penny to send receive international text messages. All you need is a phone or a smartphone and this amazing app to send free international messages. You will also require a stable internet connection to send the text messages. You friend in a foreign country doesn’t need to have internet for receiving the text because he/she will receive it completely free like a regular SMS message.

Download and install 24SMS – Free International SMS on your Android

You can download 24SMS – Free International SMS on your android phone for free fromhere. You can start texting your international friends for free.