Android Antivirus: Paid vs Free

Android platform has become very popular to the point that all the hackers and malicious people are targeting this platform for all their malicious activities. It has become a breeding ground for all the virus and malware in the mobile market and it has become very difficult to keep your android devices safe all the time. If you want make sure that your android device is safe then you need some kind of help from the popular antivirus apps that are available on the Google Play store for you to download on your android smartphone and protect it from any harmful apps that are trying to sneak into your precious android device and cause any harm to the device. These viruses are disguised as some top apps and games that actually infect your android devices and steal all your sensitive information and financial information. So this is why you should always stay safe and make sure that your device never gets infected by changing your habits. Never download apps and games from shady websites and never install anything from shady sources. That will keep you safe from harmful apps and viruses. However, if you want to go ahead and make sure that you are completely safe and secure to have the peace of mind then you should download and install an antivirus app on your android smartphone to make it safer.

There are many antivirus apps on the google play store and they can be confusing for you. Some are paid and some are free. So which one should you choose? we will help you decide. Choose the free ones because they are better in terms that they don’t cost you anything and you still get all the powerful features of an antivirus on your android smartphone to keep your device safe from any harm. Paid ones only have a few features extra but you only need the features that are already included in the free version to keep you completely safe and secure from all the viruses and malwares.