Android Phone Rooting For Beginners

If you just Got your new android device, you might be hearing of word “Rooting” from many of your friends and on internet.You might be Wondering and asking yourself a lot of questions, well here on we have answers for all of your questions and we have a detailed guide on rooting your android device and get maximum out of your device.
if you want to root your device you first need to understand what rooting actually is, well for the beginners we have simple guide about android devices and then we can start with the Rooting.

Android Device
Your android device is just like a computer which with a pre-installed operating system called Android. Android have so many versions released so far it depends upon which device you bought.

Types of ROMs
Android versions are the ROMs which are of two types.

  1. Stock ROMs: Which came pre-installed in your device also called generic ROM.
  2. Custom ROMs: Which you can install yourself in your device but you need ROOT PERMISSION to do this.

Here it comes the questions. What is Rooting?
Well the answer is simple, there are many Applications which require root access to run on your phone these application include basic applications like camera etc, rooting your phone gives you root access to your device and enhanced privileges to install more application then un rooted devices.You might want to Root your device simple to get most of it which you can’t get otherwise.

What is Root Access?
It is a permission to use hardware of your phone for a particular application. Your phone have a bootloader which is lowest level of basic software which controls all the root access on your phone. Now Bootloader which comes with your android phone when you buy it is a locked bootloader. It is locked by device manufacturers to keep you away from rooting your phone so, it clear that you need to unlock this bootloader to root your phone.
The above mentioned information is basic level of information you need to know before rooting your android device.
Now we come to real topic that is HOW TO ROOT YOUR PHONE?
Well The answer is that there is no one Single guideline to root your phone, There are a lot of methods and lot of ways to root each and every android device in market.
To make this easy we will start with the rooting methods of famous android devices and obviously Google’s Official NEXUS devices.
Keep visiting our website for Rooting methods for most of the devices in market.

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