Android Revolution HD 3.0 Custom ROM for HTC one

Android Revolution HD 3.0 is One of the Most Popular Custom ROM for HTC one. This ROM is of high Qualityand have Better Performance Features than  Stock Firmware in HTC ONE. The Best thing this ROM have it have Sense 5.0 and Have Stock Looksame as HTC ONE’s Stock Firmware.


Basic Information About Android Revolution HD 3.0

  • Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) – latest official HTC One 1.28.401.7 (WWE) firmware
  • Same Visual Looks as HTC ONE’s Stock ROM.
  • Same HTC  Sense 5.0 Interference As HTC ONE have.
  • Based on HTC ONE’s Base Firmware.

What is Special That Android Revolution HD 3.0 Have?

  • Removed software (CPU) rendering – full Snapdragon 600 (GPU) rendering. Means you get Best out of your Hardware.
  • Rooted( SU and SuperSU permissions)
  • Latest BusyBox
  • Enabled GPU user Interference Rendering
  • Same Application as Stock HTC ONE firmware.
  • Bloatware Applications Removed.
  • Improved RAM management.
  • Excellent Battery Life.
  • Custom Boot Animation( You can set by your Choice). And Many More…

How to Install Android Revolution HD 3.0?

For Installing Android Revolution HD 3.0 You Need

  • HTC ONE with Unlocked Bootloader. To know how to Unlock Bootloader of HTC ONE click here.
  • Any Suitable Recovery Package Installed in your phone. To Know how to install Recovery Package in your HTC ONE click here.

Android Revolution HD 3.0 Installation Method.

1. Download Android Revolution HD 3.0. Don’t Extract this file.

2. Download boot.img.0.1. Extact this File and Remember location where you have extracted this file.

3. Now Connect your Phone to PC via USB cable.

4. Open Command Prompt In windows and using “cd” command navigate to folder where you have saved the extracted files you have downloaded in Step 2. Then Enter the following Command.

fastboot flash boot.img

Also While your Phone is Connected , Transfer the Files you downloaded in Step 1 with the name of Android Revolution HD 3.0 , to the internal Memory of your Phone or SD card. Remember not to put these files in Phone Memory.

5. Now Disconnect your phone , and Turn it off and wait for 20 secs. Now Reboot your phone in Bootloader Mode , to do this Power On your phone by Holding Volume down+Power button Simultaneously till you see Android Animation on your Screen. You are now in download mode , you need volume keys to navigate in download mode. On the Main screen of download mode press volume up or down button till you see “Recovery” option highlighted there, press power button to enter into Recovery mode.

6. In Recovery Mode choose option ” install zip from sdcard” after that Select “choose zip from sdcard” and then Select the Android Revolution HD  file you downloaded and transferred in your phone. After Installation of these files choose option” Reboot now” in recovery Menu.