Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.37 .apk for android – Download Free

Most of us use android market for downloading every type of latest and upgraded apps as it is the best supplier of anything related to android. But what to do when it provides certain apps only on payment and you couldn’t afford them free or find anywhere else, no matter how extremely you want them. No need to get crazy if you are facing such problem as every problem comes along with its solution. To overcome this problem we are providing you Blackmart alpha, a black market that provides you any app you wanted for free.

Blackmart alpha is a worthy Android app to download free android market applications.  With it you can download thousands of apps for free. It is handy and easy to use. One of the prominent feature of this app is that it gives you notification of every update.

Right now, Blackmart Alpha is taken as the best download manager available for android devices that attracted millions of android users. Now there is no need to pay for your apps at android market or need to search it madly at Google as you can get every app for free at blackmart alpha.


All apps are free at one step from you. Just download Blackmart Alpha.apk file, install it on your android mobile and download your favorite apps and use them. Follow our tutorial carefully to download Blackmart alpha v0.99.2.37 apk for your android mobile. But first take a look at its features

Blackmart Alpha for Android

  • Can download any paid apps available in android market for free
  • Can get cracked apps
  • Can download apps that are blocked on your device by the market

There are some drawbacks that are not too big obstacles but it is worthy to know.

  • Slow download
  • May force close sometimes

Download & Install Blackmart Alpha .apk

To download blackmarket alpha (apk) click here it will directly download it to your smartphone or pc.

Now follow our stepwise instructions carefully to install Blackmart Alpha for Android APK file manually using a file manager in Android smartphones.

  1. First of all download APK file from the link given above on your computer .  File will be named as “Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.37 .apk“. When you download it on your mobiles directly it will be saved in “download” folder on SD card
  2. Download file manager “ASTRO File Manager” from android market on your mobile. (Other file managers can also be used).
  3. Then on your mobiles go to Settings -> Applications -> check “unknown sources” box. Tap OK on warning  (For Android 4.0 + users it will be Settings -> Security ->  scroll down and check “ unknown sources” box . Tap OK on the warning).
  4. Hook up your mobile to PC and copy Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.37 .apk file on your SD card (or memory card).
  5. Detach your mobile from PC and go to directory where APK is located.
  6. When you will tap on Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.37 .apk file, popup will show up. Then Click “open App Manager” button.
  7. Click Install button. Window will appear with install option. Click “Install” option. It will start installation.

Now new BLACKMART ALPHA app is installed in your mobile.

All you have to do now is to enter the name of the paid app that you need in search box and the app will provide you list of apps that matches your keywords. Select your required app to download and then have fun of that app.
If you have any queries then do ask us!

  1. Android Lover

    With BlackMart Alpha we can get premium applications for free
    but it is risky for this antivirus is must need to install