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Blakmart Alpha 1.1.3 latest APK – Download free for Android

Blackmart Alpha 1.1.3 for Android:Developers of blackmart alpha, after a long wait has released an update i.e. Blackmart Alpha 1.1.3. The updated version has improved features and better performance than the previous Blackmart Alpha 0.99. You can download its latest apk from the links given below.

Blackmart Alpha, is a Black alternative market to Google Play Store that allows peer to peer sharing apps either by the developers or by users. You can have almost every app you wanted for free on it unlike Google Play Store.

blackmar alpha latest apk

While using Blackmart Alpha you need to be cautious of certain things. First keep in mind that it is not advised to use blackmart on any Android device. Secondly offering premium apps for free is not legal. Apps at black market are usually infected with malicious script that may cause damage to your device and lastly it slows down download speed of apps and games. Aside from these facts, there is always increase in number of android users who love this app to get paid apps and games for free.

Blackmart Alpha has simple and attractive design that makes it more users friendly and provides you seamless experience. This app offers many cool features that made it very useful. Let’s discuss its features briefly

Blackmart Alpha features for Android:

  • All applications and games to download completely free from Play Store.
  • Download games and apps directly through your APK file if your phone is not compatible with Google Play, completely safe and reviewed by the team
  • All contents are divided into convenient categories system you access only to what interests you most (Apps, Games, Tablets, Smartphones, News and Games). You can also make personalized search.
  • A system of push notifications that alert you to not miss any new posts.
  • All our items with the most important news of the world every day on Android.
  • Reviews of smartphones and tablets to make the best decision on your next purchase in technology.
  • Tutorials, tips and tricks on key questions and things you want to do in your terminal (like making your mobile Root) or related games and popular applications.
  • Every day find new content entirely up to date.

Blackmart Alpha latest apk (1.1.3) – Download Links

Blackmart Alpha updated version has been released on recently. Its previous versions were removed from Google Play Store but the latest version has found its place there. So you can install it directly from Google Play Store or you can download its apk from the direct link. Both download links are given below. So you can download from the one you find easy.

Download Blackmart Alpha v1.1.3
Install from Google Play Store Blackmart Alpha apk
  1. khalid alsubhi

    Hi my name is khalid
    I just wanna ask u how can i make this version in English
    plz if u know send me email to
    Thanks n advance

  2. Android Lover

    With BlackMart Alpha we can get premium applications for free

    but it is risky for this antivirus is must need to install

    BlackMart Alpha Latest + Antivirus


  3. Bony Cherian

    Hey..did you find any way to change the language? Pls reply if YES

  4. khalid alsubhi

    Actually i deleted and got back to the old one.
    Cuz it’s worked w/me now fine.
    I recommend 4u to do same az me☺

  5. Bony Cherian

    Okay..n hanks btw. 🙂