BLINQ – Download on Android


If you love texting or messaging someone on different messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc then you are going to love the android app that we have for you today. This amazing android app will enhance the way you communicate with different people on your android smartphone. You will get extra data and insight on your partner in chat with the help of this amazing android app. Just download and install the all new and amazing BLINQ app on your android phone and enrich your messaging on your android smartphone with the help of this awesome android app. This app will let you easily get all the latest updates and insights on the person you are chatting with by just tapping that person’s avatar. Get the latest updates and insights on your chat partner and other contacts to make a great impression on them by telling them their recent updates so they know you are keeping up with their recent activities. Your loved ones will love you even more when you tell them that you have been keeping tabs on their latest activities with the help of this amazing android app.

BLINQ is the perfect android app for your messaging because it will completely enhance and enrich your messaging experience on your android smartphone. It will give you the perfect updates and insights on your contacts and the people you are communicating with by fetching updates from Facebook, linkedin, etc in a second. This app will definitely make you popular among different people within a few chats.

Download and install BLINQ app on your Android smartphone

You can download the great BLINQ app on your android smartphone for free from here and add amazing new updates to your daily messaging apps on your android.