Bloom.fm – Download and Install for Free on Android

Bloom.fm was a London-based music service for mobile users launched in January 2013. It had more than 1.1 million registered users just within one year of its launch, but because of the investors’ pulling out their hands, the service got down in May 2014. Bloom.fm’s main investor was Russian broadcaster TNT, which had pulled out of the firm because of change in organization.


The app enables users to stream personalized radio channels – streams of music based on their favorite genres and previous listening habits – for free. They could then choose to pay £1, £5, or £10 a month to cache varying numbers of songs on their phone for on-demand, offline listening.

It is a music streaming app that has a catalog of 22 million tracks to offer. The app might be used for free in internet radio mode and have over 150 curated stations and many more based on artist. However, while playing in radio mode, one is not able to cherish offline playback.


How does it Work

The app can be used either for free streaming services or purchasing subscriptions which provides the facility to borrow songs and play them offline. It has easy to use interface and includes features such as player for listening the tracks, sharing feature so you could share the track with your friends, search feature for easy exploration of tracks and artists, and also you could maintain a playlist.

How to Use Bloom.fm

  1. The opening screen of the app offers four genres based on your recent listening, but you could access other genres and sub-genres by tapping on ‘Genres’ option. The genres menu represents the options as small circles around larger circle, like petals of a flower.
  2. The player screen of Bloom.fm contains most of the functionality that the app boasts. The droplet shaped icon at the bottom right corner lets you borrow the current track while playlist icon at top right corner reveals upcoming songs.
  3. Exploring the tracks and artists is quite easy with such neatly built user interface. Tapping the bottom left corner of the screen will get you flower-and-petals design with current artist at the center and related artists around the center circle. Tapping on any of the related artists brings it to the center while artists related to it around it.


 Despite some minor glitches, the app is a good pick for music lovers. They could always enjoy listening to some of their best tracks and artists. Although the service allow to borrow songs which would cost 20 songs for £1, 200 songs for £5, and for £10 you get “Full Bloom”- or unlimited borrowing. If you are using “Full Bloom”, then you need not worry returning the songs but if you used cheaper subscriptions, you needed to return the previously borrowed songs in order to get another one.

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