Boom Beach

Boom Beach – Download and Install on Android

If you are a game lover, especially the action ones, Boom Beach is made for you. It combines attacks on players against computer-based elements. It gives the gamer a thrilling battle experience. You have to build offensive and defensive forces and fight other players for making yourself enriched. The storyline is made on several islands so the graphics of the game will fascinate you as well.

Boom Beach 1

How to use Boom Beach

  1. At first, choose a good name for yourself (you can’t change it later on). Build your base by collecting the wood and coins. In the bottom left-hand corner, tap hammer icon to build a Sniper Tower (helps you spot enemy units). Tap on +Unit button to select the troops you want to create (for example, Riflemen and a Landing Craft). Keep freeing your neighboring islands with these troops.
  2. Tap the Landing Craft to begin construction. Tap on the craft and train more Riflemen. To select the area of attacking, tap on the compass icon. Tap on enemy unit to enter the attack screen.
  3. The main task in the game that you have to do is to fight off the Blackguards who always attack the islanders. With the help of the defensive force, you have to go ahead and help the islanders get their rightful assets.
  4. When you are weak with your troops, you can use coins and diamonds to continue in the game. The thing that can make you victorious or a loser is the right decisions at the beginning of the game.

Boom Beach Experience

  • Keep checking the archipelago to obtain Treasure Chests
  • Facilities of exploring the most thrilling tropical archipelago
  • Defeat the evil Blackguards by attacking their island bases
  • A chance of playing with a massive number of other players
  • By facing the most terrifying Boss Enemies, you can expose their deadly plans
  • Get the thrill of discovering the mysterious power of Life Crystals
  • All defensive buildings are upgradable
  • A Trade Center to exchange one asset to another
  • Awesome metal graphics (in-game)


People like Boom Beach because it is a real-time strategy game. In addition, it is a unique game for some of its alluring features. As a commander, you are supposed to fight an epic war against the bad guys in the game. On the other hand, it is completely a free game. You just have to download and install the game onto your device and start playing. It is also a thrilling experience to explore the paradise-like islands.

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