BURGER KING Rewards – Download on Android

If you are a fan of eating the best burgers at one of the most popular burger franchises as the Burger King then you will love the amazing BURGER KING Rewards app for your Android phone. This app will reward you with amazing prizes for eating at your favorite restaurant. You don’t have to eat anywhere else because Burger King will let you gather amazing reward points for every burger that you eat at this awesome restaurant.

When hunger strikes you at the most bizarre times you should order yourself the big whopper and enjoy getting rewarded for every bite you take of this juicy burger with this awesome BURGER King Rewards app on Android. Every meal you purchase grants you free points that can be later redeemed for amazing prizes at the Burger King restaurant.

This amazing app not only gives you the ability to earn free rewards and prizes for your purchases but you can even pay for your purchases using the Burger King Crown card and uploading your funds which makes the whole process simpler and faster. You will also receive amazing discount coupons tailored specifically for you and you can avail amazing discounts at any Burger King near you.

Best of all, you can also locate the nearest Burger King restaurant with the help of this amazing app so you never have to sleep hungry because one tap on your Android’s screen will bring the juicy whopper to your doorstep while you get rewarded for your purchases every time. You can buy amazing items off of the BK menu with the points that you gather in the BURGER KING Rewards app. Each dollar you spend at a BK will give you 1 BK point in this amazing app which can be redeemed for free drinks and burgers.

Download and install BURGER KING Rewards app

You can download the BURGER KING Rewards app from here and start enjoying amazing rewards for eating at your favorite burger joint every time.