CaastMe – Download and install on Android

If you’re the kind of guy or girl who constantly browses the world wide web for cool sites and y about anything finds links that are worth sharing with your buddies? Do you really find it annoying when you can’t directly copy/paste links from your laptop or desktop browser to your android phone or tablet? Do you find it hard to write the long URLs of different sites on your android phone or tablet by yourself? If that’s so then you will be amazed to learn that we’ve got the perfect app to fix all your link sharing related issues. You don’t have to write the long urls by yourself or send yourself the link via email to open it up on your android phone. You can easily share the link with all new and amazing CaastMe app on your android phone. Yes, this awesome new app for android works exactly the way we have told you. You can share the links from your computer browser to your android phone’s browser without having to worry about anything at all. No more copying the links from your computer to your android phone the hard way, no more writing it up completely from scratch. All you have to do is share the link via the CaastMe app and then scan the provided QR Code with this cool app on your android phone. Yes, your browser on the computer will generate a QR code for the specific link you want to share and when you scan this QR code with this app on your android phone, the link will automatically open up on your android phone’s browser.

CaastMe is a simple and easy to use android app that takes all the hassles out of sharing links from your laptop to your android phone. So you never have to do it the hard way when this app is installed on your Android phone.

Download and install CaastMe on your Android phone

You can download the CaastMe app on your android smartphone from here and start easily sharing links from your computer to your android phone.