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Why Google Banned

Google Wipe out every single domain from its search engine and a quick ” ” search reveals that there is not a single domain now in Google serps but the question is Why? google takes this step and penalized every

Google Plus Some keyboard Shortcuts

Dear friend like you all know there are many shortcutsavailable for gmail & othergoogle services, Today im going to share few Google+ (Plus) Shortcuts with you guys and i’ll post more shortcutssoon after i spend little more

How to get sms notification from Google+ (Plus)

After launching of Google Plus ( a social network ) Google try to enter again in the competition with facebook and slowly adding all its features in Google Plus, Apart from the usual notifications in Google Bar, email

Picasa Now Offer Unlimited Photo Hosting

Storage has become a lot cheaper in recent years. Still, most services that you find online do not offer unlimited storage, and those that do are often not the most trustworthy when it comes to holding their

Google Announces Google+ Whats Next?

Today Google go one step further and announces Google+ a social network, which aims to change the way we stay in touch with people online. The service emphasizes on how data is shared, and with whom, as well