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Danger Dash is a game made for the people who love adventure. It’s a game where the characters run and escape from evil tigers. While running, the characters gather coins, accomplish missions, and get a chance to prove themselves as real adventurers. The game’s surrounding is quite thrilling. The players would not be able to sit still and relax while playing. Its unique features make the game intense and the players would feel the inner force to keep trying to take on the new challenges.


Danger Dash is a running game, which requires the characters to run and accomplish missions. The mobile game users are quite familiar with these sorts of games as there are lots of running games introduced before Danger Dash. In this game, the players have to dodge deadly traps, achieve lots of boosts, and unlock new levels. In most of the past running games, there were no new levels to be unlocked and the characters keep on running until struck by an obstacle or fall from the track. But this game offers new levels to make the game more interesting and to keep the gamers guessing what they would face next.




  • The size of the game varies with device; that is, if the game is installed in a mobile phone of earlier versions, it would consume less space and if installed in latest versions, it would consume more space.
  • Recommendation is to use it in upgraded versions of mobile phones to get the actual thrill of the game.
  • Different versions of the game are supported in different devices.
  • At least 2.3 version of Android is required to support the game.
  • The game can be downloaded for free.

Game Experience

  • The game would give the thrill of an adventurous journey.
  • New levels can be unlocked, which is missing in most of the running games.
  • New characters can be unlocked. The game gives a chance to play with various characters, so that the gamers do not get bored of sticking with one character all the time.
  • The game application gives a chance to score high and try to gain the top position in the online leader board.


Danger Dash is a wonderful game to try in a mobile. It has the features to give the players a taste of being chased by tigers in an adventurous surrounding. The players would need to be both aggressive and patient at the same time, while experiencing the thrill of this heightened running game.

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