Don’t Touch The Spikes

Don’t Touch The Spikes – Download and Install on Android

For nearly last year or so, there have been so many games about flying birds that you tap to survive so that it doesn’t crash into something and die. Well, people have grown tired of all those games that have the same environment and gameplay with just some change of colors. But if you too are tired and want something new that’s like those games but different, thenhere is a game for you in the form of Don’t Touch The Spikes. You will love tapping the screen to save your bird from crashing into those dangerous spikes and die. You will be killing a lot of free time with this game.

Don’t Touch The Spikes 1


  • The game was developed and released by Ketchapp who are constantly improving the game.
  • It requires minimum Android 2.3 to run. Any device with even the lightest specifications will surely run this game and get you flapping.
  • Its download size is approximately 14MB.
  • The game is free to download and play a lot of fun for free there.

Don’t Touch The Spikes Experience

  1. Don’t touch the spikes is one of the simplest games that you could come across. Once you tap the game icon, you are one more tap (in simple menu) away from some flapping.
  2. Once in the game, you will see that you have your bird and it must stay safe. You have to save the bird from the spikes on different sides of the screen. If you touch one of them, you will be dead.
  3. With each tap, the bird jumps into that direction and bumps the wall that its pointing at. Right after bouncing into the wall, you need to tap again so that the bird jumps into the right direction (an empty space) instead of a killer spike.
  4. You also get some special rewards within the game in the form of candies that are placed between the spikes and you must collect them safely to get the reward.
  5. There are many goodies like lives that could be purchased with some real money.


Don’t Touch The Spikes is an amazing game and it’s really addictive. The flapping, tapping, bouncing, surviving, and enjoying is unlimited. You could spend weeks playing the game and not get bored. Make high scores and show them off. You are surely going to love it like a child.

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