Dumb ways to die app .apk – Download Free for Android

Dumb ways to die, a game developed by Metro Trains Melbourne for android and iOS devices to boost their awareness campaign to promote rail safety. In this game you are responsible for the lives of adorably dump characters. These dumb characters love to get into all kind of trouble but you need to protect them and avoid death through a series of rapid warioware style mini games.

In game you will go through several challenges like you need to keep an airplane in flight, not to hit red button, swat wasps, be patient at crossings, clean puke off the screen, scare the piranhas, and restrain psychopath from entering inside. On passing every challenge you will get points but you have to go through these challenges with just three lives. With accumulated points you can unlock new characters and new mini games. Eventually when you use all your lives you can share your total score with your friends on social network to see if they can beat your score.


Dumb ways to die v 1.5 is available on the Google Play Store to download for free. We also provide direct link to download and if you are just looking for APK files, scroll down to get our tutorial for installation. First let’s go through its gameplay features for Android devices.

Dumb ways to die for Android:

It is quite easy and fun to play dumb ways to die. It often become little tense especially when you don’t know which challenge you might have to face. However at the start of each challenge simple instructions are given about what sort of behavior you should avoid. Let’s take a quick of look at gameplay

  • Why is his hair on fire? Who cares, just RUN!
  • Quickly wipe your screen free of puke
  • Balance that wobbling glue eater
  • Flick the piranhas out of range of those precious private parts
  • Swat wasps before it’s too late
  • Best not invite that psycho killer inside
  • Carefully remove forks from toasters
  • Help self-taught pilots
  • Get back from the edge of the platform you fools
  • Have patience at level crossings
  • No crossing the tracks! Not even for balloons!
  • Find true love during hunting season
  • Duck the bear for a candy shower
  • Go on, press the red button
  • And who knew rattlesnakes were so picky about mustard?

Download Dumb Ways To Die v1.5 .apk:


Download APK file of Dumb ways to die from here:Google Play Store Link


For those who are unable to download it from Google Play Store. Click below given direct link to download directly.

Direct Download Link to Dumb ways to die APK

Manual Installation

Follow our stepwise instructions carefully to install Dumb ways to die for Android .apk file manually using a file manager in Android smartphones.

  1. First of all download .apk file from the Direct link given above. File will be named as “Dumb ways to die_1.5 .apk“. When you download it on your mobiles directly it will be saved in “download” folder on SD card
  2. Download file manager “ASTRO File Manager” from android market on your mobile. (Other file managers can also be used).
  3. Then on your mobiles go to Settings -> Applications -> check “unknown sources” box. Tap OK on warning  (For Android 4.0 + users it will be Settings -> Security ->  scroll down and check “ unknown sources” box . Tap OK on the warning).
  4. Hook up your mobile to PC and copy Dumb ways to die_1.5 .apk file on your SD card (or memory card).
  5. Detach your mobile from PC and go to directory where .apk is located.
  6. When you will tap on Dumb ways to die_1.5 .apk file, popup will show up. Then Click “open App Manager” button.
  7. Click Install button. Window will appear with install option. Click “Install” option. It will start installation.

Now Dumb ways to die for ANDROID is installed in your mobile. Enjoy it…

If you have any queries then do ask us!!!