Elune Saga

Elune Saga – Download and Install on Android

If you have an Android enabled device in your hand, you are sure to enjoy a real RPG game named Elune Saga. You are going to experience a realistic feeling while playing Elune Saga. It is a card battling game where you will have an experience of a different twist.

While going through the game, you have a chance to use an enormous number of methods and tricks to empower your party. Another thrilling issue is that the game is developed by Gamevil.

The game begins with a journey through Astoria. You have to continue in the game by collecting and evolving soul cards that help you personalize your team. You also have to train your party to be the best player of the game. The theme of the game is the ever conflict of good and evil.

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How to use Elune Saga

  1. Collect 50+ soulstones by getting Gerald to join you. You have to avail yourself of this by getting Hive log in bonus. To gain this bonus, log out and then log in again. Make more friends, you will get friendship points by which you can get summon and stamina stones to take yourself ahead.
  2. Fuse stones to another at low-level. By doing this, you can save lots of gold.
  3. Keep trying to get arena tickets and use them whenever the chance comes because you can keep maximum 10 tickets at a time.
  4. Depending on your playing strategy, choose one of the three heroes. The other two will ultimately join you.
  5. Keep exploring the sealed cave because it offers different items.

Elune Saga Experience

  • Have a chance to be the best using your bound souls
  • A thrilling teamwork of RPG battles and Soul Cards
  • With the exciting combinations of different souls, experience a variety of taste of battles
  • Have strategic gaming experience based on four vital elements- Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water
  • Use soul enhance system to awaken souls
  • Lots of contents like Dungeons, Adventures, PvP, and Arenas More than 200 souls with their individual skill


Use what you have and enhance the chance of winning. Keep trying your characters and play with strategic ideas. The most thrilling thing of the game is that you can turn a losing battle into a splendid victory by using different souls. Elune Saga is a great RPG game.

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