Evernote – Download and Install for Free on Android

You might be out with your friends and want to show them the newest recipe you’ve tried, but unable to do so since you wouldn’t roam around with it everywhere. Evernote gets all your work done and is the best tool to carry around on your phone or tablet.


Evernote basically is a tool where you can edit texts, upload photos, and record voice memos. This app resolves all your problems of carrying a notebook and pen here and there. The three features it provides can either be used individually or in any combination preferred.  For example, you can either just write down the recipe or add photos with it and similarly, maybe warn about a few do’s and don’ts through voice memos. Evernote serves as the best package to contain all your thoughts, notes, photos, or whatsoever you might want to upload, all in one place to go.



  • The download size varies with the device used to download
  • Premium version costs around $45 per year
  • Gaze the notes into different categories, find them through refine s
  • It has a built-in OCR technology makes it even more appealing to all people earch and editi them at any time

How to Use Evernote

  1. Install Evernote and create your account which requires name, email address, username and password.
  2. On top of the app, you’ll find the option of New Note. Click on the button and that will allow you to write down whatever you want. You can edit the text through the features provided on it. Once you’re done, you don’t have to save it rather Evernote saves and syncs on the web itself.
  3. Once the Note is prepared it will automatically sync to all the places you have logged in such as from your desktop to iPhone to tablet, etc. So if you saved a recipe from your desktop, you can later view it at the grocery time whilst looking for which ingredients to buy.
  4. To set Reminders, click on the icon and choose the date and time preferred.


Overall, the usage capability of Evernote is extensive with its superior features and the additional tools provided in the Premium Package such as priority OCR, security tools, and support make it even greater for noting down all contents securely. It is one sweet package to opt for at any time with absolutely no cost.

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