FilterGrid – Photo Editor – Download and Install on Android

With the advent of smartphones everyone has started taking a keen interest in photography. All modern smartphones come equipped with a decent camera and everybody loves capturing their favorite moments in life. With the FilterGrid – Photo Editor you can turn these life moments into amazing masterpieces by adding beautiful effects and combining different pictures together in one. This amazing app lets you transform all your ordinary pictures into an amazing work of art. This will definitely take your photography skills to a whole new level with just a few taps on your Android phone’s screen.

With FilterGrid – Photo Editor you can add any type of filter to your photos and make them look extra awesome. You can also combine multiple filters into one amazing filter and then apply it on your photo to give it the most unique look ever. You can also splice photos and merge different photos together to create an amazing piece of art and show off to your friends and family. With different photos in one image, you can use different filter for each image to change the whole picture into a unique and stylish photo collage with beautiful filters. You can choose from the default filters for your photos or create your own filter by combining one or more filters together. FilterGrid – Photo Editor also lets you post your photos on social networks including Instagram and you don’t even have to crop your photo for Instagram. If picked up by the developers your shared photos can be featured on their homepage as well for extra promotion.

Download and Install FilterGrid – Photo Editor app for Android

To download FilterGrid – Photo Editor click here.When installed on your Android phone you can start your journey in the field of professional photography. All your filtered photos will look as if snapped by a professional photographer.

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