filtxr – Download and Install on Android

It is very common to get eye strains when you use your android smartphone for very long times. It’s common with many bright screens that you have on your smartphones and tablets, these bright screens tend to make your eyes really strained and you feel a tingly feeling in your eyes. You can’t just keep dimming your brightness on the android smartphone all the time because that’s way too annoying and you can’t remember every time to dim or brighten up your android smartphone’s display. This is where the amazing filtxr android app comes into play that automatically dims the brightness of your android smartphone depending on the time of the day and other conditions in your surroundings. If using your android phone or android tablet in low light conditions completely strains your eyes then this amazing app will completely turn your life around .You will never have to feel the annoying eye strain ever again because this app will dim the screen on your android smartphone or tablet automatically depending on the conditions. There are different modes that will set the filters on your android phone’s screen according to the activity that you are performing on your android device. Simple reading mode will make it easier and natural for you to read ebooks on your android device. Pure mode gives you the pure black colors on your android smartphone.

filtxr is a great android app that is actually better for your eyes in the long run. The filter on the screen makes sure that you don’t strain your eyes anymore and best of all, the screen gets back to normal brightness when you are out in the day or when everything is bright around you. This way you don’t have to do it manually anymore.

Download and install filtxr on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing filtxr app on your Android smartphone for free from hereand make sure that you don’t strain your eyes ever again on your android.