Flipd – Download on Android


Do you always find yourself being distracted by different stuff on your android smartphone? Do you always get distracted by different activities on your android smartphone other than your important work? Do you end up procrastinating every time you try to do some important stuff on your android samrtphone? If you have been nodding to all these questions then you actually need something to help you with your procrastination and help you get some important work done with the help of this amazing android app. Just download and install the amazing Flipd app on your android smartphone and say goodbye to the habit of procrastination that always takes over you whenever you try to get some work done on your android smartphone. Flipd will help you with your work so you can easily do all your work easily without getting distracted by any other activity on your android smartphone. Best thing about this amazing android app is the fact that you can get together with your friends and family members and lock each other out of your android phones remotely so they can focus on the important stuff instead of their android smartphones.

Flipd is the perfect app for those people who are always procrastinating and using their android smartphones instead of doing their important work. This amazing app will help them get over the distractions and focus more on the important stuff that should be their priority from the beginning.

Download and install Flipd on your Android smartphone

You can install the amazing Flipd app on your android smartphone from here and lock yourself out of your android phone so you can start doing your important work.