Google Maps APK – Download on Android

It has been ages since we last saw Google introduce a new update to their amazing mapping service for android devices. Google Maps needed an update and after the material design update we haven’t seen the app get updated much. Well, that’s going to change now because Google has finally decided to update their amazing Google Maps app for android smartphones and make it even more better than ever before. The new update brings a lot of minor improvements and tweaks to the maps app and make it much more smoother than before but the main highlight of the new update is the latest addition of Local Guides feature to the app. This amazing new feature brings a new reviewing system to the app that makes it easier for people to read and rate reviews given by top guides on the app. This new feature is a simple way of getting the best reviews out there to the masses so everyone can read what top reviewers are saying about their favorite or least favorite places on the android app. The guides will be rewarded for reviewing places on this amazing app and you can benefit by reading their reviews and making decisions about different places. You can also start reviewing different places and when you start accumulating a good amount of reviews under your belt, you will also get an elite status that tells others that you are a credible reviewer and your reviews definitely mean business.

Google Maps brings this local guides feature to all the android smartphones and tablets making it easier for people to filter through reviews and get the best of the best reviews easily on their phones.

Download and install Google Maps app on your Android smartphone

You can download the Google Maps app on your android smartphone from here and start reviewing your favorite places with this cool android app.