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Google Play Store apk (v 4.9.13) – Download Now

Download latest Google play Store apk (v4.9.13) on your Android devices. Google Play Store 4.9.13 is among the major UI updates for the Android app that brings to you certain parts of Material design. Although the main listing and Google Play Store home is still as it is, but the content pages have got major update and overall everything looks a lot better in this edition. You can download Google Play Store 4.9.13 apk from the link given below.

Google Play apk

Google Play is the official app store of Google’s smartphone platform. It offers you to search and download Android games, apps, widgets and live wall papers. It usually comes pre-installed with almost all devices. However in case, you don’t have Google play or you didn’t receive its update, don’t worry. We are providing you latest Google Play store Apk (v4.9.13) to download. Just Click the below given link to download Google Play Store apk on your smartphone. But before downloading let’s check new features added in version 4.9.13

Latest Google Play Store offer following

  • New User Interface
  • Material design
  • App and content pages updated.

Google Play Store apk (v 4.9.13) – Download Link

We are providing you direct link to download latest version of Google Play apk. Just click on the given link and download Google play on your Android devices.

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