Google Search apk (v3.6.14.1337016) – Download free for your Android

Download Google search apkon your Android devices now and search for anything from your devices in the fastest and easiest way. Google Searchprovides a speedy method to look into Google and also offer to find contacts, applications and files on your device. In latest editions Google Now is added, a tool that intents to bring quick information in the right time.

Google search works simply. Just install this app from Google Play Store or download Google search apk from the given link. After installing this app, start typing in the search box and Google will auto-suggest different options and when you have clicked on a keyword, you will be moved to a Google search page in your web browser.

Google Search apk

Besides searching on the web, Google search allows a convenient way to discover things on your device. These include apps, contacts, messages, settings, calendar, and music and twitter tweets. You can select searchable items from the Google search menu. Google search UI is neat and easy to use. It also provides voice search option and you can also remove search history just by pressing them a little longer.

Google search performance is improved a lot in latest updates. Now you can receive Train and bus reminders from your Gmail reservations. It also receives flight card updates with alternatives when there’s a delay. You can install latest edition from Google Play Store or you can download Google Search apk from the link given below. But before proceeding to download link let’s take a quick look at its features.

Google Search features:

The fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and on your device.

  • Quickly search the web and your phone or tablet
  • Use your voice to search and more
  • Get personalized results based on your location

Google Search apk (v3.6.14.1337016) – Download Links

Google Search provides the fastest way to look into web from your smartphone. You can install it from Google Play Store or can download Google search apk. Both links are given below.