Handy Scanner Free – Download on Android

Got a huge pile of documents in your home or office? Do you want to transfer all the data from these documents to your android smartphone but don’t really own a scanner to do so? Well if  that’s all you are worried about then you should check out the all new and amazing Handy Scanner Free app on your Android smartphone. This awesome app will let you scan all your documents with your android smartphone’s camera and turn them into a beautiful PDF file without any extra work. You don’t have to buy an individual scanner to scan all your documents when you can do the same thing with your Android smartphone’s camera and make the process even more easier. You don’t need to spend big bucks on a shiny new scanner because any android smartphone with a decent back camera can use this ultimate app and turn all your hard documents into amazing soft copies and turn them into a pdf file for the ease of use. You can get rid of all the heaps and piles of paper around your office or room and transform them easily into a set of pdf files that can be viewed on your android smartphone, android tablet, or even your laptop. This will make it easier to manage all your documents because these will be available digitally and you can back them up on the cloud incase you ever lose the original copies.

Handy Scanner Free  app will let you easily convert all your hard copy of documents into easily manageable soft copies stored in the pdf format. You can view all your scanned documents in a pdf reader which are easily available on the Google play store for totally free.

Download and install Handy Scanner Free on your Android phone

You can download the Handy Scanner Free app on your android phone from here and start transferring your documents to your android smartphone.