How to Disable Blue Check Marks in WhatsApp?

As you already know WhatsApp made it pretty difficult to ignore anyone’s message by adding the new blue check marks feature. These blue check marks let the sender know if their message has been seen or not. If your friend has seen your message then you will see the blue check marks. We know this could be a problem for people who don’t want others to know if they’ve read the message or not. So, in that case you’ll have to follow our handy guide for disabling the blue check marks.

There are 2 different ways of avoiding the blue check marks and checking each message with complete stealth. Your friends will never know if you’ve read their message or not. This is perfect when you’re ignoring someone for being rude or stupid. Whatever your reasons for the disabling of the check marks, our guide will help you in achieving your goal.

Solution #1

You can easily bypass the blue check marks on WhatsApp by not using the actually WhatsApp app instead reading/sending messages via third-party app. The best app we’ve used so far is the Snowball app. This app will show all your messages from different messaging apps in a single place. You can send and receive WhatsApp messages via Snowball and you will never have to worry about the blue check marks ever again.

Solution #2 Download the latest WhatsApp APK

Yes, the guys behind WhatsApp have finally understood the problem and made it optional to enable/disable blue check marks in the latest version of WhatsApp APK. The updated version of WhatsApp APK is not yet available for download on Google Play store and it can take a while before you see the OTA update for the app. However, you can download the WhatsApp APK directly from Official WhatsApp website and install it on your Android phone manually. The latest WhatsApp APK also comes with minor bug fixes and improvements.

Hopefully, these methods will help you avoid being caught red handed while reading your friend’s or enemy’s messages. Don’t forget to comment below, if you have a new way of bypassing the blue check marks or just want to give your feedback.