How to fix “Firm upgrade encountered an issue” error

Most of the android smartphone/tablet users are reluctant to get involved in stuff like rooting, installing custom ROM’s or updating their device as they probably afraid of encountering some awful and annoying errors that may soft brick their device. It is good not to play with unfamiliar stuff but the question is – is your device is completely safe if you only & only depends on official updates? It might lower the chances of getting your device in trouble but it does not guarantee 100% safety.

In spite of installing the official firmware using Odin or receiving latest updates via Kies or OTA, your device might get you into the panicking situation. Many users reported that they encountered, while attempting to install firmware via Odin or getting OTA update an error that says “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again”.

upgrading error

Reasons for this Error:

There are certain possibilities that may cause this error like,

  • USB debugging was not enabled before installing firmware via Odin
  • USB drivers are not installed properly
  • Device got disconnected when upgrade was in progress
  • Or any other reason that obstruct software installation.

Whatsoever the reason for this firmware upgrade issue, it will definitely leads you to the frustration. Most common solutions opted by users when they face such issue are either entering into download mode & install firmware again or boot the device into recovery mode & factory reset. But both of these solutions are not helpful in most cases. Here we are providing you updated solution to fix this error so that you can again use your Samsung smartphone like before. Do not worry much; all you need is a PC & a good speed internet to quickly make your device workable.


Back all your necessary data, files, docs, photos and other necessary stuff as this procedure will wipe all stored data in internal storage of your device.

How to fix “Firm upgrade encountered an issue” error

Follow our stepwise instructions carefully to get rid of this error.

Step 1. Download and install Samsung Kies on your PC. Click here to download Samsung Kies.

Step 2. Note your mobile phone serial number. You can find serial number under battery or on the box of your device.

Step 3. Connect your device to PC via USB cable

Step 4. After connecting your device to the PC, launch Samsung Kies and go to tools > firmware upgrade and initialization.

Step 5. Enter your device model name in Capital letters and click OK


Step 6. Then enter your device model number and click OK again

device number

Step 7: On clicking OK, first Kies will prepare firmware upgrade for your device and then Kies will start downloading the firmware upgrade components for your device. It will take some time depending upon your internet speed.

step 7Step 8. Respond and confirm all security cautions to clear the way for emergency firmware installation and then click Start upgrade.

samsung-firmware-restoreStep 9. After this, it will start downloading the firmware files for your device

step 9Step 10. After your device firmware is installed window will appear with firmware upgrade and initialization and ok button. Click OK and disconnect your device from PC

step 1-step 11. Reboot your device and that’s it.

We hope that this tutorial will help you alot. In case you do not understand anything then do comments in comment box. we will surely try to resolve it,

  1. Bhaskar Gogoi

    will it work for galaxy S5 SM-G900H ?