How to get sms notification from Google+ (Plus)

After launching of Google Plus ( a social network ) Google try to enter again in the competition with facebook and slowly adding all its features in Google Plus, Apart from the usual notifications in Google Bar, email notifications and mobile push notifications – you can also get SMS notifications on your phone.

As you may already know that sms notification is not enabled by default in facebook same is the case with google plus and to get notifications you need to enable it.

Google Plus Sms Notifications

Now How To Get Google + Sms Notifications

Follow the steps below to enable your free Google+ SMS notifications:

  • Go to Google+ settings (click the gear icon at top right).
  • Under “Set delivery preferences”, look for the option for Phone.
  • Click on the option “Add phone number”.
  • Choose your country from US or India. Enter your number and click Send for verification code.
  • Verify, and you should be able to get Google+ SMS notifications now on any phone!

Here Please Note: right now Google Sms Notifications are only Available in Usa & India