How To Make Backup Of Your ANDROID DEVICE?

In your daily routine you add new data to your phone in form of sms, call logs, applications, pictures and videos.For the safety purpose of your data you need to periodically backup it to keep yourself safe in case you lose your valuable data.Also you need to backup it, if your want to update your device firmware, you want to root your android device and install custom ROMs in it.
There are few ways by which you can backup your phone data. We recommend you use Official PC software’s provided by  your device manufactures.Links of numerous device manufactures provided software’s are give below.

  2. HTC Sync
  3. Sony PC Companion
  4. LG PC Sync

Links for other device managers can be provided on request.
There is an option of backing up your phone in each of the above mentioned support software’s also by installing these software’s package drivers for your will be automatically installed in your PC.
There are also Third party PC applications to make backup of your phone data.These application in comparison to official applications offer more independence and user are provided with more options for the type of data they want to backup.
One of the recommended application by us is MobileGO. To download MobileGo clickhere .

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