How to Root Any Nexus Device in 2 minutes

If you have a shiny new Nexus device then you should definitely know how to root your nexus. We are going to teach you to root any Nexus device easily with just a few clicks. All you need is a single software on your Windows PC to root any Nexus device that you might own. Follow the steps below and you will be able to root any nexus device that’s available right now. From the old Nexus S to the shiny new Nexus 9 tablet, all devices can be rooted and flashed with this simple method.

1/ Download Wug’s Nexus Root Toolkit

Download the necessary toolkit from here and install the toolkit on your Windows PC. Once installed completely make sure that the toolkit is working without any problems.

2/ Set up the drivers for your Nexus

Now you have to make sure that the driver for your Nexus device are properly installed and set up on your Pc. Click the Driver installation guide and follow all the steps carefully to install and text the drivers for your specific Nexus model.

3/ Choose Your Nexus Device

Now, choose the Nexus device that you want to root. Click the change button and choose the model of your Nexus device and the Android OS version that your device is running. Click apply after doing so.

4/ Unlock the bootloader

Before you can actually root your Nexus device, you have to unlock the bootloader of your android Nexus device. So, go ahead and click Unlock bootloader. It will automatically boot your device into bootloader mode and unlock the bootloader. It will take a couple of minutes and the whole process will be automatic, so don’t touch the device.

5/ Root your Nexus

Once the bootloader has been unlocked you can move onto the important step of rooting your Nexus device. Go ahead and click the Root option and let the process complete. It will be automatic as well and you should not disturb your device at all when the process is running. Once the process finishes, your device will be rooted completely so you can enjoy all the apps with root permission and all other features that are only available for root users.