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How to Root HTC One, One S, One X in one click with Kingo Root

There is no doubt that HTC is one of the top smartphone manufacturers and it owns many award winning mobile devices. HTC understands the importance of user experience so its phones are designed from conception to offer the customer the best of all worlds. HTC smartphones are famous for their elegance, sleek style and smooth operating system.

In 2012 HTC announces its one of best series that is HTC One. HTC One family includes HTC One, HTC One S, HTC One X etc. All mobiles in this family are metal designed, dual front facing stereo speakers, and unrivalled camera tools, premium features and premium performance. Since its launch, users recognized HTC One as the most recommended and top reviewed smartphones. All these phones are based on Android OS. These phones are already best in their performance but with little expedient tweaking to their Android OS, they can even become better with improved performance, battery life, custom interfaces and tonne of new functionality. This is called rooting.

Root HTC one, one x, one s with Kingo Root

Today we are going to guide you the easiest and safest one click method to root your HTC One, HTC One S and HTC One X so that you can unlock your device true potential. The process of rooting your device may be full of risk especially for newbies, who are unable to understand multi step rooting processes which also include risks of bricking. But don’t worry Kingosoft technology made rooting easy and safe with its Android root tool.

Why Kingo ROOT? Although there are many one click root tools available but kingo Root is safest and secure tool as it has brand assurance from kingosoft Technology Ltd. And one greater feature of this root tool is that it not only roots the device in one click but also it will find the appropriate drivers for it and set them all up beforehand. Let’s move toward the procedure.

Before the process starts – please bear in mind that

  • Doing rooting onto your device will void its warranty.
  • Back all necessary files, docs, photos and other stuff as a precautionary measurement just in case if anything goes wrong.
  • Check device battery. It should be atleast 60% filled.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • There’s no requirement for pre-installed device drivers, as the software will take care of that for you. In fact, it will give you the Root option only after the drivers have been properly configured.

How to Root HTC One, HTC One S, HTC One X wih Kingo Android root Tool:

Carefully follow following steps to root your device

Step 1. Download the Kingo Android Root windows application and install it on your Windows desktop. Download Kingo Root tool

Step 2. Once the installation is finished, run the application and connect the device to the computer with USB cable to start the process. Now the application will install the latest drivers on your PC.

Step 3. This will take some time to install the drivers. Once the drivers are installed on your PC, you will see a new screen on your desktop with your device name and “ROOT” button.

Step 4. Hit the ROOT Button from the app screen to begin the root process on your device.

Step 5. Be patient. It will take some time to finish the process. Once the operation is completed, you will see the “Root Succeeded” message on your screen.

NOTE: This tool is workable with almost every android device.