How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometimes we need to capture screen on our mobile for some record or to share some info with someone. There are different methods to take screenshot on different smartphones. Today here, we are going to guide you how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5.

There are two easy ways tocapture screen shot on Samsung Galaxy S5. In one method we will use power and home keys while in second method we will use palm motion to capture screenshot. Details for both methods are given below so that you can understand easily.

Method # 1:

The first and the easiest one is with the help of power and home key. For this go to the screen you want to capture and then press & hold power & home key simultaneously for a while.

screenshot on s5

When the screen is taken, you should have heard a shooting sound and see a slight indentation around the screen. You will also see saving screen message in the notification area. If you want to see the captured screen you can either scroll down the notification area and there you can see captured screen with delete, edit and share option or can go to the gallery where image is automatically saved.

Method # 2:

The second method to take screen shot on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is with palm motion. For this, you first need to activate palm motion. Go to settings > device > motion & gestures and here you will see palm motion option. Turn it on and it will turn into green color. After activating it, go to screen you want to capture, swipe your palm across the screen. (Swipe it from left to right or right to left, it doesn’t make any difference). You will heard a sound and see indentation around the screen. Captured screen is automatically saved to the gallery.

palm motion

These two methods will also work for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Grand 2 and many others Samsung devices.

Hope so you find our tutorial easy, helpful and understandable. If you find it good then like us at Facebook. If you find any difficulty then do ask us via your comments. We will try our best to sort it out.