How to use Odin 3.09 & Earlier Versions Easy Stepwise Guideline

Odin is one of the famous flash tool of Samsung. We use it when we need to flash Samsung smart phones and to put stock firmwares, to root it to add amazing new featured custom rom, or to add Mods, Custom recoveries. For all these we need Odin services.

Although various Odin versions are available on internet but we recommend you to always use latest version as in new editions many bugs and other issues are removed and also new features are added. Odin latest release is v 3.09 which you can download from our post. Download odin 3.09 on PC

After downloading and installing Odin 3.09 let’s proceed towards guide how to use it.

How to use ODIN

As soon as you open ODIN a window will appear with many options. Don’t get bothered we will tell you what these options meant and how to use them

As soon as you connect your Samsung Device to PC, your Samsung Smartphone model will be mentioned in odin and color of ID.com will also change.
To connect our Samsung smartphone with odin you need to boot it first in Download mode. For this switch off your mobile first and then press Volume Down + Home Button + Power keys simultaneously to switch on your mobile and then press volume up key to continue, you phone will boot in download mood. Now connect it your PC and start flashing files, also check if you have Samsung Usb Drivers properly installed in your pc.

Odin 3.07 look like this:ODIN-3

Odin 3.09 look like this:


Now look at the options and check “Auto Reboot” (Reboots your phone automatically after flashing) and “F Reset Time” (Reset the flash counter after upgrading the firmware).  Other options (Re- Partition, LED control etc.) are selected upon requirement. Pit stands for partition information table and if you check this box then you can browse .pit files in firmware upgrade / package files folder and they will start representing. If your package does not have .pit files then leave it un-checked.

Odin supports *.bin, *.tar & *tar.md5 formats but mostly firmware package files are in “tar.md5” format. You can load these files by pressing PDA button and if you are using latest odin v 3.09 then press AP button.

Once you have done setting up odin according to your requirements, you need to press the “start” button and start flashing the process, as soon as the process is finished, your device will restart automatically and you will see a “Pass” notification on a green background on the top left corner.

If you are facing any difficulty or problem in following our method then do comment us in below comment box.
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