Hub – Download and install on Android

If you have been looking at your friends who own a Blackberry with jealousy because they have a great notifications hub where they can watch all the latest alerts and notifications in a single spot then you shouldn’t be jealous anymore because we bring you an even better alternative on your amazing android smartphone which will make the Blackberry hub look like a children’s app. This app will gather all the notifications and alerts from different apps like Gmail, SMS, Facebook, etc and show them in a beautiful way in a single spot where you can interact with these notifications and perform extra actions if you want to. This android app is pretty lightweight and lightning fast so you will never experience any lag or slow response when using this great app on your android smartphone. The looks are great and minimalistic. You will love the aesthetics of this great android app on your smartphone. The app is pretty simple and straightforward and you will have no difficulty using this easy to use app. The Hub is one of the best apps for your Android smartphone and it is the ultimate app where you can watch the history of all the other apps on your android smartphone.

The Hub will give you a one stop for all your notifications and alerts from all the different apps on your android smartphone. You don’t have to open and check individual apps on your android smartphone for alerts when you can use this simple android app and check all the app activities in just one place. You can even select apps that The Hub should monitor and you will only get alerts from the selected apps in this android notification center.

Download and install the Hub on your Android smartphone

If you want to turn your android smartphone into a Blackberry kind of device with a great sentral notification Hub then download the Hub app from here.