Hungry Shark Evolution – Download and Install on Android

Hungry Shark Evolution is a great game for all those who love aquatic life and also for those who don’t. Controlling the shark and destroying it all to survive is the motto of the game. Player gets his own shark and controls its movement by touching the screen.

The game has some really great graphics and some exceptional sound effects. It is a mission-oriented game in which you need to clear 60+ levels and discovery many hidden treasures. You get to evolve your plain, simple shark into a weapon of ultimate destruction.



  • Developed byUBISOFT, initially released on PlayStore by Future Games of London on 28th November 2014.
  • It has been updated many times and the performance has improved a lot.
  • There are many current versions of the game that are available for different devices.
  • It requires at least 1GB of RAM to run smoothly.
  • A dual-core processor is also must because single cores will surely put the game into lag.
  • Its installed size is also varying for different devices.
  • The game is free to download and after that, the user can can buy different in-game upgrades using gems and coins that could also be bought.
  • The game has some advertising that is eliminated once you make any type of in-game purchase.

How to use Hungry Shark Evolution

  1. Once you start the game, you will instantly notice the great graphics of the game. The menus are quite easy to stroll through and you will be in the game in no time.
  2. In the beginning, you get a shark that bites and destroys things to survive. As you keep playing, you get coins and gems that could be used to get weapons such as ice gun, laser, cannons, etc. and the shark becomes more and more lethal.
  3. The shark moves through the water and even out of the water to destroy everything that is dangerous for it. You also get to eat some humans and even jump into and destroy ships.
  4. As you destroy more and more and finish all the threats one by one, you advance to different levels that get harder and harder and addictive to.


Hungry Shark Evolution is a great game and it has all the fun packed into it. It has been loved by people of all ages because it’s simply all about saving the shark by going wild and destroying its enemies.

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