Jarvis – My Personal Assistant – Download and Install for Free

If you want to feel cool the same way Tony Stark does in the Ironman movies then you can also get the Jarvis – My Personal Assistant on your Android phone. Yes, Ironman’s personal assistant is named Jarvis as well, so you can also show off to your buddies with such a high-tech entity on your Android device. Jarvis – My Personal Assistant is a smart app that will take your coolness factor to a very higher level. You will feel like a high tech superhero from the comic books and movies.

Jarvis – My Personal Assistant is not just an app that will do simple tasks instead it can do almost anything. It will keep you updated with the latest weather, set-up alarms and reminders, play songs, call or message your friends, email, perform a quick web search, turn on the flash, and anything that you can think of will be performed by Jarvis when you ask him. All you have to do is say what you want Jarvis to do and it will be done in minutes. It can also tweak your Android phone’s settings, change your Android phone’s background, change the ringtone, etc.

All you have to do is flick your wrist two times to activate Jarvis – My Personal Assistant on your Android phone. Once activated you can say anything that you want it to do and it will be performed in a matter of minutes. It can also work when your Android device’s screen is locked but that mostly depends on what type of Android phone you own.

Download and Install Jarvis – My Personal Assistant for Free

Download Jarvis – My Personal Assistant from here. Once installed on your phone you can start doing amazing things just by speaking. You don’t even have to lift a finger, all you gotta do is speak. Jarvis will definitely make your life a whole lot easier.