Kingdom Rush: Origins – download on android

If you are looking for a new twist in the tower defense genre on your android phone then look no further because we bring you the all new and amazing Kingdom Rush: Origins game for your android device. This game will change the way you look at tower defense genre and provide you with countless hours of fun and excitement. This game is not just another rip off of other hundreds of tower defense games out there on the Google Play store instead this is a sequel to one of the most popular game in the genre. This is not another game where you keep adding towers to defend your line instead in this game you are in charge of a beautiful kingdom and you have to keep it as peaceful as possible by powering up your defenses and defeating the evil forces.

Get back in the game and defend the once peaceful and powerful kingdom. Learn about the history and origins of the kingdom and people that are living there. Learn how the evil became powerful and how the heroes became what they are today. Relive the glory days of the kingdom and show the evil forces the true might and magic of the realm. Take control of the all new and powerful elves with some serious firepower. Get to use all the amazing and powerful defense forces and magic spells. Use amazing new heroes to your advantage and destroy the enemies by using each hero’s unique and powerful magic ability. You will be hooked to the game once you start obliterating hordes and hordes of enemies. You can never get enough of evil’s destruction. Just lose yourself in the game and immerse yourself in hours and hours of fun and exciting gameplay.

Downlaod and install Kingdom Rush: Origins on your Android device

You can download the Kingdom Rush: Origins game on your android phone from here. You can start obliterating huge scores of evil forces with your mighty heroes.