LOCX APK – Download free for your Android

Download LOCX apk now and keep your nosey friends away from accessing your android device and intriguing your secrecy. LOCX is a security app for your android devices that locks certain apps or pictures from free access. And seriously, it does a pretty good job at keeping your privacy.

It’s really annoying when any of your friends picks your mobile just anyway and start looking into your messages or pictures. He might not consider that you may have some personal messages or even official messages or personal /family pictures in there. This type of people does not respect your privacy and poke their nose everywhere. Your best solution to secure your privacy from such nosey friends is to use LOCX. LOCX is a very useful app for your Android device that can protect any app with pattern lock or pin lock, so that you can secure your personal messages /data /pictures from intriguing eyes. Direct download links to LOCX apk is given below.

LOCX is a free app that is very useful yet very simple to use. On launching this app for the first time, it asks you to set your security pattern. You can also use PIN code instead of pattern lock. Then after lock settings, you just need to select the apps that you want to lock from your apps list. Later to use selected app you required to enter PIN code or security pattern. LOCX app also Features Photo Vault. By using this feature you can secure your personal pictures inside a password protected vault and protect them from sneaking eyes.

locx apk

You can install LOCX app from Google Play Store. However you can also downloadLOCX apk from direct link given below. But before moving towards LOCX apk download link let’s discuss its feature further:

LOCX for Android Features:

  • App Lock: Secure your Android and protect all your privacy. You can lock individual apps instead of the entire phone. Customized lock screens and wallpapers bring you more choices: pattern and PIN.
  • Photo Vault: Hide and encrypt your photos and videos and keep them locked behind your pattern or PIN pad. Don’t worry about your private photos may be viewed by others.
  • Themes: We have proudly announced large quantities of attractive wallpapers designed by the world’s top designers. They are so amazing and fantastic. You may apply new themes in “LOCX” > “Side nav” > “Themes”.
  • Chameleon: Disguise your lock screen to prevent from breaking into your password. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog are now supported, and more covers are coming soon.
  • Delay to lock: Re-lock is not required when returning from a brief exit, avoiding to frequently unlocking and smoothing the app switches.
  • Quick lock / unlock: Awesome and convenient. Adding new widget to your screen, you can take the app lock enabled or disabled with just one tap.
  • Advanced protection: Prevent LOCX from being uninstalled by activating Android device administrator; provide a strict protection for your cell phone. And all these are amazingly free.

LOCX APK – Download links:

LOCX is a free Android app that will protect your privacy from your nosey type of friends. You can install it directly from Google Play Store or can download LOCX apk from the direct link given below for free. Both play store and LOCX apk links are given below. Select any according to your ease.