LokLok - Connected Lock Screen

LokLok – Connected Lock Screen – Download on Android

Do you want to share your android smartphone with your loved ones or your friends without having to give them access to your android phone or let them touch your phone at all? Do you want to see what your friends are suggesting or doing right on your android smartphone’s lockscreen without even having to unlock your android phone. If you want to turn your android smartphone’s lockscreen into a collaborative work board where all your friends and loved ones can post anything they want including notes, photos, doodles, etc then you should download the amazing and awesome android app known as LokLok – Connected Lock Screen. This is not your regular lockscreen with some images or live wallpapers instead this is a connected lockscreen that means that your android phone’s lockscreen is connected to your loved one or even a group of people that you have added in your group. All these people can have access to your android’s lockscreen and when they put something on their lockscreen it will be automatically synced to all of the people’s lockscreens  who are in the same group. So if you add some notes on your connected lockscreen then all the people who are in the same group as you will see the note on their lockscreens as well because the lockscreens will be updated via the internet. LokLok – Connected Lock Screen is the perfect app for you and your loved ones if you love doodling on your lockscreens or showing your love to each other by putting something on each other’s lockscreen. This is the best way to communicate with your friends by adding an awesome surprise element.

Download and install LokLok – Connected Lock Screen On your Android Smartphone

You can download the cool new LokLok – Connected Lock Screen app on your Android smartphone fromhere and doodle on your loved one’s lockscreen.