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Magisto Video Editor & Maker – Download and Install on Android

Making videos is one of the tasks that the smartphones of today are made to do. Making video is a hobby for some, while a compulsion for many. Everyone needs to make a video of some sort if he has a smartphone in his or her hand. Mostly, these videos are not so great. There could be pauses in the video, gaps that make two videos, extra scenes, and mostly too much extra detail in it. Now you have a tool specially designed to solve all of these and many more problems. It’s like a fully functional video editing studio for you, all packed into your smartphone through Magisto Video Editor & Maker.

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  • Magisto Video Editor & Maker was released my Magisto Inc. as a video editing app. It has received many updates since its release adding more and more editing options for your videos.
  • It runs on approximately all versions of Android and you need to do a bit of downloading to start editing.
  • The app is free to download and you can get some special upgrades and special features.

How to use Magisto Video Editor & Maker

  1. Magisto has a really simple and easy to use layout, through which you could navigate really easily. It has the option to edit existing videos or either capture a video and edit it yourself from scratch. It is really useful as a video cutter. It helps you to choose what stays in the video and what goes has to be cut off.
  2. Once you are done with all that cutting, you could put all these videos together and create a single video. Now you also have the option to add some background music to the video that will be really great for videos about those really special moments.
  3. Once all this is done, Magisto will send the video to its servers and they will do all the remaining work. The uploading and later downloading can take a bit of time, so sit back and relax until your video is ready and back for you to see.
  4. Once the video is completely ready, you have the option to share it over to many other apps.


Magisto Video Editor & Maker is a great video editing tool that is really useful for normal people who wish to make some special videos. It makes video editing really easy for anyone which would be hard to find with the default Android editors. It’s a must try app if you often record and upload videos to the social media. It will make your videos much more fun to watch and enjoy.

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