MCB Discounts App – Download and Install Free

Are you an MCB account holder? Do you want amazing discounts every time you use your MCB debit or credit card? In that case you should really download the MCB Discounts App for your Android phone. This amazing app by the Muslim Commercial Bank will show you the amazing deals and discounts available near you whenever you use your MCB card for purchases. You don’t even need a MCB account, if you own a MCB Lite debit card then you can make purchases and get discounts without having to open a MCB account at all.

MCB Discounts App offers a wide range of shops and vendors to choose from and all these retailers have amazing discounts available for MCB account holders or card owners. You will get the discounts if you’re a MCB credit card owner, debit card owner, or even just a pre-paid card owner. MCB is trying hard to give the best discounts from the top vendors in Pakistan. Some of these vendors include, Best Western Hotels, Subway, Nishat Linen, etc. There are nearly hundred top retailers offering great discounts with the MCB Discounts App.

You can also connect the MCB Discounts App with your Facebook account and share your shopping adventures with your social buddies. MCB Discounts App works with all Android devices that are running Android version 3.0 or higher. You can also sign into your MCB wallet through the MCB Discounts App to keep track of your transactions and funds.

Download and Install MCB Discounts App via Google Play Store

To download the MCB Discounts App just head over to Google Play Store. Once installed on your Android device, you can start availing the best offers and discounts available for all MCB card holders.

Don’t forget to comment below and let us know what you would like to see in the MCB Discounts App.