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Metal Slug Defense v 1.3.0 APK- Download free for Android

Metal slug, one of the most played action and strategic game on PC has made its way to Android OS. It is now Metal Slug Defense for Androiddevices with special missions, 100+ stages, 60+ characters & units and much more. If you are action game lover then it is amongst the best options to spend time on. Metal Slug Defense is available at Google Play Store or if you cannot reach play store, you can download its APK from the link given below. But before downloading let’s briefly discuss game and its features.

metal slug defense

Metal Slug Defense is an action strategy game by SNK PLAYMORE in which soldiers are incited to fight against enemies and kill them off by using your ammunition meticulously. Your target is to save your base from being demolished while on the other hand devastating enemy camp completely. To achieve this target you can train soldiers and build defense layouts. Send soldiers into the enemy camp without any real control. Earn action points and use them on offensive/defensive units or on upgrading your lead’s potential to get points faster. There are single player missions as well as multiplayer battles. Multiplayer battles over Wi-Fi are real fun

Game graphics are little dull for true fans of Metal Slug but cartoony art, audio and characters from the series are present in good numbers. The sound is fine, stable, and crisp with classic music playing. It’ further features are:

Metal Slug Defense Feature:

Metal Slug Defense has already set a record of 8 million downloads. It offer many cool features for Android devices and these are

    – Special Missions: clear their specific requirements to be rewarded
    – Daily Event: special events held every day in various stages with different rewards such as limited unit characters
    –  New unit characters
    –  New profile pictures
    –  New “Login Bonus”
  • Regular and Rebel Armies clash on Android!
    Send your units to the battlefield and take over enemy bases with a simple tap of your finger!
    Use the METAL SLUG Attack, along with other unique special attacks to turn the tide in battle, and the goddess of victory will smile upon you!!
  • More than 60 different characters and units available!
    At the beginning of the game, only the Regular Army’s units are available, but Morden’s soldiers will join
    your ranks later on! Limited units that can only be acquired via rare events or specific conditions are waiting for you as well!
  • The world is your battlefield! Battle in various nostalgic METAL SLUG stages!
    “METAL SLUG DEFENSE” features more than 100 background stages faithfully recreated from classic METAL SLUG titles! Clear them all to replay stages with new units in battle and obtain more rewards!
  • Level up your troops and armament!
    Customize your units in order to increase your chances to win the war! Change and save your units at any time in the game via the easy and intuitive touch commands!!
  • Compete with other players in Wi-Fi VS Battles!
    Enjoy “METAL SLUG DEFENSE” alone or with other users in Online VS Battles via the Wi-Fi feature. Win battles in order to improve your score, competing with players from around the world for the highest ranking!

Download Metal Slug defense v 1.3.0 APK – Download Links:

Metal Slug Defense is a free android action game. You can download it from Google Play Store or can download its APK from the link given below. Choice is yours