Microsoft Social Network Leaked by mistake

Facebook, Google+ and nowMicrosoft’s Socl? It seemsMicrosoft doesn’t want to stay behind.

Reported by Fusible, Microsoftaccidentally published something on its officially owned domain and yes it was all about “social and share”.

As the below image shows, the service called “Tulalip” is thought to be an initiative form of Social Networking, and this time by Microsoft.

Teaser page stated that “With Tulalip you can Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever”

It is said that Socl is guessed to work in pair with Bing making it Social Search, if it comes online again.

Later Microsoft said that this page was accidently uploaded and they had no intention to do so. Microsoft said that is an internal design project from Microsoft’s research team – unintentionally published on the web.

Website now states:

Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team inMicrosoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web.

We didn’t mean to, honest.


By the way, is said to be Microsoft’s domain as well.