Monster Legends

Monster Legends – Download and Install on Android

For the past few decades, we have seen many games in which we are given our own mythical creatures that we have to breed and grow into stronger beasts so that they could be used by us to battle with other creatures. These creatures must be strong, powerful, and fearsome. All this fun has come to the smartphones in a whole new form in the latest game Monster Legends that gives us the chance to breed, care, and battle with such powerful creatures. This game is one of the most diverse games of its kind.

Monster Legends 1


  • The game was developed by and released by Socialpoint and they are updating the game regularly adding more and more amazing beasts for you.
  • The game will require a minimum of Android 4.0 to run. Along with that, there should also be a good amount of RAM so that it runs smoothly.
  • The app is free to download and play; while in the game, you could spend real money to buy upgrades and more powerful dragons.

How to use Monster Legends

  • Once you start the game, you will come across very simple menus that will ask you to connect your account using Facebook or some other method. Once all that is done, your game starts. At the beginning, you will be given a single egg and some resources.
  • Your task is to use the resources and start making your own village which consists of many different buildings such as breeding centre, farms, and different habitats.
  • The beasts are divided into categories such as fire, earth, water, electric etc. Food and gold are the basic resources that you have to gather and utilize to construct buildings and feed the dragons.
  • Once your beast has grown up to a certain level, you will be allowed to use it for fighting battles. In battles, you will come across real opponents from around the world who will be using their own beasts. One by one, you and your opponents will take turns and attack each other. The creature whose life depletes first will die.
  • A total of three beasts could enter a battle one after the other.
  • Opponents whose beasts die out first will lose.
  • Real world money could be used to buy in-game diamonds and upgrades along with some awesomely powerful beasts.


Monster Legends is a great build, breed, grow, and battle game in which you get to have some really awesome beasts under your command in battles against other users. The beasts evolve and grow stronger and stronger while you enjoy the battles. The tasks take some time to complete and that time could be well spent planning for the battles to come. Just download and enjoy battles that can be a bit tough in the long run.

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