New Facebook Layout 2010: Facebook New Homepage Screen Shot Photo

facebook-new-layout (1)Are you wondering what happened to your Facebook homepage? Facebook transformed. Are you happy or getting mad?

Facebook new layout screen shots spread over the internet yesterday. Some Facebook users witness the early transformation of their Facebook home page. This move by the facebook still on process and making their way from small group up to the wide area to deploy the Facebook new layout this 2010.

Several changes has been conducted and there are also new navigation elements provided for the Facebook new layout of homepage. Some changes and additional features made by the Facebookteam for the new Facebook layout are the list of Online Friends, simplified design, unified inbox and other applications and advertisements boxes. In new Facebook chat, there is no need to click the chat box in order to view the online friends.  This will appear automatically on the left side part of your homepage.The search box has been also moved from the top right to top left to improve navigational functions.


There are millions of people who are using Facebook for their social networking. And this action bythe Facebook team for the new layout seems to be a major topic this month. Maybe there are some people find it not good, a simplified one or another confusion for the avid Facebook old layout users. Have you tried it already?