One touch Drawing

One touch Drawing – Download on Android

If you want to play something that really gives a good workout to your brain then we’ve got it covered for you because we bring you the most amazing and the most simple puzzle game that will give your brain a good workout all the time. Just download and install the amazing One touch Drawing game on your android smartphone and you will never be bored again as long as you play this amazing game on your android phone. The rules and objectives in this amazing and awesome puzzle game are fairly simple to follow. All you have to do is draw every shape with just one touch. This means that you can only draw the whole shape without taking off the finger from your android smartphone’s screen. You have to complete the shape with just a single swipe on your android phone’s screen and you can’t take your finger off until the shape is complete otherwise you will lose and restart the level all over again. You will start with some easy shapes that can be easily drawn with a single touch, however, as the game progresses you will be provided with some complex and difficult shapes that will have you scratching your head while figuring out a way to draw them with just a single touch on your android phone’s screen.

One touch Drawing is the perfect puzzle game for you on your android smartphone if you are looking for some seriously challenging puzzles on your android. This game will give your brain a good exercise and you will never be bored again.

Download and install One Touch Drawing on your Android phone

Download the amazing One Touch Drawing game on your android phone from here and try to draw as many shapes as you possibly can with just a single touch.