Paper Toss

Paper Toss – Download and Install on Android

Paper Toss is more of a real-time office experience when you’re bored to death in the office and where you will be able to hit the trash cans and empty baskets with crumpled paper balls or rolls. When we were kids, when bored at school, underneath our desks, we used to have plenty of paper rolls and waste paper crumpled together to throw into the baskets. This same logical active fun is responded in the Android devices through Back Flip Studios.

Paper Toss 1

Game Experience

  • Graphics that are realistic and interesting
  • 6 varied levels of difficulty
  • Innovative flick controls for user-interface smoothness
  • Online global score board to compare and share your scores with friends.
  • Permissions include- identity, media files and photos, Wi-Fi connectivity and full device ID and caller ID for accessing.
  • Minor bug fixes are updated in the latest versions
  • High- resolution animations for the latest Android devices are updated
  • Real-time office audio tracks play in the background

Game Drawbacks

Few say the game crashes while touching the basement level and the minor bugs like force exit happens in certain devices that need to be fixed. Ads disturbance is also present in the game which is not so pleasing to many players using this game. They say their concentration gets distracted while the ads pop out on the screen.

People who are bored at the office usually have such games to get relaxed in the middle of their work. Such fun games are back into the Android market to help you kill your time. Real competition between players is enabled to see how far the throw is and how accurate the throw is targeted into the basket. This hilariously fun gaming experience has a decent 4.1 star rating with over 2 million downloads.

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