Paperama for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/vista and Mac) – Download now

Enjoy paperama, an addictive puzzle game on your PC now. You can find countless puzzle games at Google market. Some of them are old styled puzzle while many of them are redefined & new puzzle games. Paperama is most interesting and redefined puzzle game. Most of us remember of playing with papers in our childhood and making different shapes. Now you can enjoy this art on your PC with paperama.

Paperama is a unique puzzle adventure and most popular among kids. Rules of this game are simple yet interesting. You need to fold the paper sheets to create origami figures but don’t use too many folds and work as accurate as possible to fit the form. You can now enjoy this wonderful puzzle game on your PC’s. For this follow our tutorial on how to download Paperama for PC. It works well with windows 7/8/8.1/vista and Mac. Before starting downloading tutorial lets discuss its features briefly

paperama for PC

Paperama for PC features:

Paperama for PC offers the same features as for Android.

  • Amazing 3D folding effect
  • Lovely Soundtrack
  • More than 70 puzzles
  • Smart Hint System
  • Game Services Support

Download and Install Paperama for PC – Easy tutorial

You need android emulator to download Paperama on your PC. We recommend you to use Bluestacks android emulator. Let’s begin the tutorial:

Step1: First of all download Bluestacks Android Emulator. (Click here to download BlueStacks)

Step 2: Then download Paperama apk file. (Click Here)

Step3: Open the downloaded APK file now and wait a little till bluestacks install it

Step4: Now open Bluestacks > All apps > paperama

Step 4: The app will start now, follow the on screen instructions

Now enjoy the addictive puzzle game on your PC.

If you find any problem in Downloading Paperama for PC then contact us via your comments in the comments section below. We will try our best to help you out. Hope so you will like and easily understand our tutorial on How to Download Paperama for PC.