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Personal review of Wondershare Mobiletrans

There are many tech savvy people like me who always change their mobile devices and they go mostly to the phones with Android or iOS operating system.  Generally, the first work they do after purchasing a new mobile phone is to upload the data from the old mobile to the new one. As I have seen personally, it is very easy to upload the music and media files because mass storage mode is available in all mobile OS, but it is quite difficult to move or copy the contacts, messages, call logs, apps, reminders and many other things.

At first I thought that I have to move each and every contact, messages, call logs, appsand other data manually, but this is not so because I just have to make a check mark over the tabs which I need to copy, and with just one click over the “Start Copy” button, I was happy to see all the data is transferred to my new android device in a jiffy.

wondershare mobiletrans
There are many softwares which can transfer only contact details like phone number and name so I tried to test this software by sending contact details which have emails, addresses, job title, company name and phone number and I was surprised that this software transferred all the details. This gave me a lot of happiness because now I have got a suitable software which can transfer the data comprehensively from my old android phone to the new android. I have tried to use this software to move the data from android to Android phone and I am happy that it provides complete support.

mobile trans

When I have seen Wondershare MobileTrans for the first time, I found it a bit expensive ($39.95) because it can be used only when you change your mobile. Then I realized that buying such a software is worth because you may need this software in near future too, and if a person change his/her mobile device too often then this software will be of a great use to him. This software is great for the people like me who changes their mobile devices too often. Additionally, this application is good for a family too, if family members used to exchange their phones( with various OS) among each other or just share videos,photos and apps to each other, then you can say this is not expensive because 4 or 5 persons are using one single software.

I have used many softwares before, and found that they take lots of time in copying the data. Other softwares I have used before never provided me 100% support over the two devices. But Wondershare MobileTrans did it!

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The best feature of it is the flip button, meaning, you can change the source and destination phone without removing the USB cables. Another important and best feature is that, you can use the mobile devices of different operating system, so a person can copy the data from android to iOS, iOS to android, android to Symbian and vice versa. There are some more great features other than the flipping option and support over different OS devices which I liked the most. One of the feature I like is that it has a fast and professional interface, it doesn’t take a lot of time in connecting and copying the data from one mobile to another. Another feature I like about this software is the user-friendly working design that a person with little knowledge of using softwares can also work over it without any difficulty.

You don’t have to even select the phone model like other softwares because this software can automatically detect the phone. Just after connecting the phones, this software automatically detects both the device model and its OS, but you should have USB debugging mode enabled on the phone. You can do this manually by going through the settings on the phone otherwise you may feel problem in connecting the phone. I have used this software over my 5 years old laptop and it is working very smoothly.
I feel that the developer should make some enhancement to this software in the updated or revised version like they should provide an option so that the user can choose the contacts and messages which he or she wants to copy to another phone. The feature which is missing in this software is the support over Mac and Linux operating system because most of the tech savvy and independent developers use Linux as their favorite OS.

You can get your copy of this amazing software from here Wondershare MobileTrans.