Pixel Gun 3D – Download and Install on Android

Pixel Gun 3D is one of the popular shooting games on theAndroid devices that lets you go with the survival and massive multi-player first-person shooting experience on iPad and Androidsmartphones. Pixel Gun 3Dcomes with two gaming campaigns for single user and global multiplayer. Both have common features – shoot, reload, and jump. The graphics that the players witness are mind-blowing and above the standards of all shooting games.


This addictive shooting game updated latest on November 30, 2014 and created by Alex Krasnov is a game with a variety of guns, online and global multiplayer, and also it has a Survival Mode with Cooperate, Death match, and Single Campaign Mode. The multiplayer mode is the one that gets the maximum limelight and it is the reason for the popularity in the PlayStore. It lets you runs and chase around the map competing with global players and also to shoot and have kill counts.




  • When you install this game from the App store, consider the ratings and read the reviews so as to have a closer connection to the game. There are good ratings given to the game and user-interface along with the replay value.
  • A decent 4.3 star rating is given as an overall review in the App store.
  • Unique maps of enormous shapes and sizes is available Up to 8 players in a single game is possible

Game Experience

  • In the survival mode, the app lets the players to view more of the zombies and spiders and weird creatures in the night version. There is world-wide global strengthened mode for interesting competitions
  • Pixel Gun 3D has weaponry ranging from Magic Bow and Golden Desert Eagle, Light saber, etc. for interesting graphic representation
  • There is a cool chat option added too while you fight in the shooting battle ground itself.
  • Details for new players and cool music and graphics are added to get you hooked on to the game.
  • Maps are very realistic in Pixel Gun 3D that enables you to have an interesting gaming experience.


The single player mode can become frustrating after a certain point since the real time counts and money control for the players is not too satisfying. Players will mostly spend their time playing challenging and interesting multi-player mode games. With the overall expansion and download counts with updates, the game will easily be popular among youngsters to have a good time and challenging gaming experience.

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